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                7 Ply Corrugated Cardboard Line

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                  2020-05-15 09:29

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                Company Profile

                Dongguang WeiBo Carton Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd

                By certification [File Integrity]

                Contact: wbzxjx(Mr.)  




                Area: Hebei

                Address: Hebei


                Product details

                Product Feature

                1. Simple structure in linear type, easy?installation and?maintenance

                2. Advanced world-class?brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts

                3. High automatization and intellectualization

                Production Line Main Parameter and Requirement

                1. Production speeds: 150-260m/min

                2. Available paper width: 1400-2200mm

                3. Flute type: A, C, B, E, F for option

                4. Flute shape: UV shape, more like V shape for option

                Product Description

                Corrugated cardboard production line is the professional equipment for producing corrugated cardboard, which mainly consists of following equipments: Mill Roll Stand, Pre-conditioner, Pre-heater, Auto-splicer, Single Facer, Convey Span Bridge, Multi-ply Pre-heater, Glue Application Machine, Double Facer, Slitter Scorer, Cut-off, Conveyer and Stacker, Glue Making System, and Electric Control System etc.

                We can provide a complete production line and individual parts to complete customers' own line.?

                This?7 ply corrugated cardboard line is?characterized?by?high automatization, easy operation & maintenance, high efficiency, good quality of paperboard, compact structure. The?production line adopts imported precision machine tools, advanced molding grinding & electroplating, and flute precision with national standard.?Flute is UV shape which is widely used in the world. It has achieved low paper shrinkage, high quality and strong paperboard.?Bearings of upper/lower corrugating roller, and pressure roller, use high-temperature-resist lubrication to keep running smoothly and durably.?

                The machine adopts easy operation control system. Equipped with touch screen with color drawing displaying operation state, the?production line? is easy and simple to handle. The advanced one-stop process design is adopted for pulp and paper and processing equipment,?occupying little space and easy to operate and manage.?This 7 ply corrugated cardboard line offers high safety and automation to provide high production with steady quality for?you.?

                1. Hydraulic Reel Stand With Paper Loading Trolley

                Main axles ¢270 mm, Signle arm carrying weight 5000 kgs. Hyperbolic heavy rocker, toothed chuck, multi-point brake, hydraulic drive lifting, panning left and right on the middle. Electric trolley, double track rail length 9000mm, use in plate welding. Hydraulic paper loading and unloading device, two-position design of loading and unloading paper, hydraulic paper on the folder to facilitate the centering, hydraulic push rod discharge paper to save manpower, hydraulic motor traction paper car.

                2. Automatic Paper Splicer

                Automatic splicer keep corrugating cardboard production line uninterrupted work, changing paper rolls without stop of machine, zero paper joint, reducing paper consumption,greatly improving productivity. Maximum speed 300m/min.

                3. Liner Paper Pre-Heater and Corrugated Paper Pre-Conditioner

                Use steam to heat paper for higher production speed and control moisture of paper, cylinder diameter ¢900mm, including pressure container certificate. Electric adjustment wrap angle. Wrap angle can adjust the paper preheat area in the range of 360°.

                4. SF405E Multi-Cassette Negative Pressure Single Facer Corrugator Machine:

                Main corrugating roller ¢405mm, corrugating roller group flute quick change. Corrugated rolls are treated with sprayed tungsten carbide. Maintenance-free airbag loading, PLC automatic control glue, HMI touch screen, breaks automatic parking relief are available.

                5. Independent Gluing Unit Easy Cleaning:

                The movable type glue unit is convenient to clean and maintain with ground rails to pull out, with rails and Glue volume control with electric adjustment, rubber septum electric device. The glue system can operate independently when the motor stops, preventing glue exhausted.

                6. Flute Roller Quick Changing Module:

                Quickly change rollers in 15 minutes, while change corrugated roller with the electric trolley loading. It only needs a few buttons for the entire group of corrugating?drive with motor, be put into the machine and fixed to the machine base. Thus the replacement can be?fulfilled quickly and easily.

                7. Conveyor Bridge:

                Using the national standard 250 channel steel, 150H steel, 63 angle steel and other connections, independent variable frequency motor drive paper to lift and transport.

                With Automatic deviation system and Electrical magnetic tension device suitable for high speed production.

                8. GM Double Gluing Machine:

                Glue roller diameter 320mm. Frequency motor drive, PLC control. Glue quantity PCL automatic adjustment,HMI touch screen display.

                9. SM-E Double Baker (Double Facer )

                Rack uses 400 mm GB channel, Chrome hot plate 600mm *20 pieces,Entrance ¢ 400mm hot cylinder of top paper speed raised temperature, 16 groups whole contact plate design construction. PLC automatic control press plate. Up and down with automatic correction, temperature display, frequency motor.

                10. NCBD Computer Type Slitter Scorer Machine

                Tungsten alloy steel, seven knives twelve lines,zero-pressure line type. Schneider servo computer automatically discharge knife, suction outlet width automatically adjusted.

                11. NC-30D Rotary Blade Cutoff Machine :

                Full AC servo control, energy storage brake, helical blade structure, oil-immersed gears,10.4-inch touch screen display.

                12.Automatic Basket Down Stacker:

                Five sections of the high-strength belt conveyor, frequency loop control,automatic points precision,row single-cycle 20 seconds, stacking length 1800mm, HMI touch screen.